As a Certified Master Life and Transformation Coach & Psychotherapist for heart centered  Entrepreneurs who are living with Mental Illness.

 I use intuitive coaching designed to help ambitious creatives avoid the overwhelm of starting a new business and master the mindset that blocks individuals living with a mental illness from achieving their dream life and building a business aligned with their soul.

Your Hopes and Dreams Happen Here!


Have you ever felt like you're in the land of misfit business entrepreneurs? Unable to get your heart and soul-based business out of the starting blocks by following mainstream normal business advice?

Well my friend, I am here to tell you Normal is only a setting on my washing maching.


Do any of these sound familiar

  • You are a perfectionist, obsessed with gathering information, which makes completing projects so challenging.
  • Getting through the day is a challenge when you have days you can’t even keep your mood stable
  • Staying focused is incredibly difficult for you because you get easily distracted and are often unsure what to prioritize.
  • You have been fired or found it difficult to keep a job because due to symptoms of your mental illness,  so how dare you listen to your long held intuition beckoning to become your own boss.
  • When you say “yes” to your client or customer’s demands, you feel crappy about yourself because you’re constantly over-delivering to prove the value of your work.
  • You have such a huge fear of failure that you get paralyzed and procrastinate. You second-guess every decision to the point of utter exhaustion.
  • You sometimes feel too generous or even like a pushover because others often take advantage of your good nature. Even if you wish to stop being a people pleaser, saying no and setting clear boundaries is like wearing a wool sweater in the summer!

About me

Hello Lovely One, I’m Saya Krebs-Brandfass, an Intuitive Life and Business Coach and Psychotherapist for individuals living with mental illness who would like to start their own business or are Entrepreneurs. I teach ambitious women how to shift their mindset, master their unique gifts, step into their power, and create a business and Life that amplifies their lifestyle, not drain it. Oh yeah, I am also a “Brilliant-Resilient Minded" Entrepreneur!

The truth is: If you want to thrive as a “ Brilliant-Resilient Minded” entrepreneur, you have to stop listening to mainstream advice and build your business in line with your highly resilient and adaptive nature.

You’re not “out there”. for wanting to build a life on your own terms.

You’re not too “Manic”, “Crazy”,”Delusional”  or too scatterbrained and easily distracted to create the business of your dreams.

You deserve to feel over abundant, not overwhelmed.

You don’t have to be held in “Handicaptivity” by systems, well meaning family, friends and even yourself.  

You are NOT your diagnosis. Yes, it is part of who you are, but it nore more defines who you are than living with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer defines the people who live with these illnesses!

My friend, there is only one unique you in this entire universe.  You are worthy of defining and creating the the life and business of your dreams.

The key to building the life of your dreams come down to this: 20% of success is due to strategy, 80% is due to mindset.

I know this because after doing deep inner-transformational work and mastering my mindset, everything in my business changed.

My relationship with money has prospered which allows an abundance of wealth to flow in, I have clients that feel more like besties, a date every Saturday night with my honey, two cars in the driveway and money in the bank so I can spoil my grandchildren.

This is a sharp contrast to what my life looked like just a few years ago. And I want to help you create the same success and abundance on your own terms.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? Remember you are much more than your diagnosis. Don't let your mental illness stop you. Do not let it define who you are. There is so much more to you. You are amazing!

You are designed with DNA coded to make you the only one in the universe. A unique masterpiece! There is no one like you. The world is waiting for the gifts and talents you have. The dreams you have been brewing deserve to be out in the world. Team all of this with your resilience and adaptability and my friend you’ve got all  the qualities of a highly successful entrepreneur!

I am going to show you how to put it all together.


As a Certified Master Life and Transformation Coach for Brilliant-Resilient Minded Entrepreneurs, I use intuitive coaching designed to help ambitious women avoid the overwhelm of starting a new business, and master the mindset that blocks resilient minded, adaptive women from achieving their dream life and building a business aligned with their soul.

Close your eyes for just a moment. Just imagine how good it will feel to have a business bestie + accountability partner, giving you real strategies and tools to beat overwhelm, so you start making huge leaps in your business with clarity and focus. You don’t have to do this alone. You can master your mindset and master your unique resilient gifts, and truly build that self driven, freedom-based lifestyle that you deserve.


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