Introducing #LifeCoachPsychotherapistHr M-W-F at 5:30

Introducing #LifeCoachPsychotherapistHr  M-W-F at 5:30. This is a FREE Life Business Transformation and Wellness Coaching + BONUS Psychotherapist  hour reserved just for YOU! Right here on Instagram live.

I will be here to support and encourage you on your journey. To answer questions, offer tips, and suggestions, and offer up some feedback. And because I am all about building ourselves up, this community hour will be built around being here for each other, so peer support will be fostered and encouraged.

Since this is all about you, I would sure love your input. Click the survery link that will take you to a really quick 7 question survey about best times and topics. -----> Survey Link

I sure would appreciate your feedback. And as a thank you for your valuable info & time (aprox 2 to 3 minutes) I will be emailing you each an e-gift card + 2 free self-care pintables’. * Survey must be completed by 9:00 am est Sunday May 31st to qualify for e-cards. Pssst, please feel free to share and send me a screen shot and I will add your choice of a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts gift card for each friend who completes a survey! – goodness you could be in free caffeine for months!


Worry Free Sunday

You can get positive about negative thoughts.

We’re taught that in order to feel self-assured and confident, we should banish negative thoughts from our lives. Kind of like, goodbye, negative thoughts; hello, higher vibration, better boyfriend, nicer car, inner peace.

So what do you do with all that negative junk that leads to worry in your head? How do you make it stop? And is trying to jam a positive thought over a negative one really the best way to manage the situation?

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to have a positive thought. Just know that the negative thought didn’t matter in the first place. It probably wasn’t true and it doesn’t “mean” things about you.

When you jump on “negative” thoughts and reject them in a knee-jerk way, you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not good enough. If I were good enough, I wouldn’t have had that thought in the first place.” This is at least as negative as the initial thought.

It may seem a subtle difference, but that tiny step of noticing the thought and not believing it is where the growth lies. And the more you do this, the less “negative thoughts” you have and the easier it is to recognize them when you have them.

People think that “thinking positively” is the way to healing, but the quickest way is to first accept that the only reason you feel bad in the first place is because you’re listening to the rubbish your mind is telling you.

You could try and figure out where your negative thoughts come from—but since they’re just based on faulty beliefs, why not just ignore them?

Learning to ignore the voice inside our head telling us we’re not good enough, not worthy of love, and so on is what we’re here to do. Next time you have a thought that makes you feel uneasy, try this: 
Notice your thought, as in: ah, hello, thought. I know you’re not real; you are just a thought. Oh well, you can stay there if you like, but I have things to do today so I’m just going to go ahead and do them.

Then if you want to think a positive thought, go right ahead!

As for me, I am going to post this and then go take a walk be thankful I am not all the rubbish my negative thoughts at time would like me to believe. Instead with each step I take I will imagine I am getting further and further away from those falsehoods. I am going to give myself the permission to not worry about them which will in turn allow room for a more positive mindset and   how incredibly resilient I truly am! I would love to hear how you will be spending #WorryFreeSunday

Thanks and shout out goes to Lisa Esile

Your Own Playbook - Manual + Help a Gal Out

Do you ever feel like your life has gone off the track? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How did I get here?  This isn’t everything I had in mind. What happened to my master plan, did I make one? “Have you ever said to yourself I wish I had the teacher’s manual? You know the book with all the answers.

Isn’t there a how to guide for navigating this thing we call life? I don’t recall my parents giving me an instruction manual but I sure know it would be helpful to have a playbook to follow and guide me along the way. In fact, I would be the first in line to purchase said playbook and accompanying toolkit so all I needed to do was follow along.

Life isn’t all peachy as cream and I don’t look like the people in the TV and magazine ads. Sometimes it is messy, and it is hard work for sure. And if you are like me I am at times my biggest obstacle, loudest critic and often get in my own way. Sound familiar? And I want more of the fleeting magnificent moments. I yearn for more focus and clarity. I daydream of those bygone goals. Is a goodnight sleep just a myth? Ahh to live a life with no limits. A bliss filled ease. To be able to care for my soul so the tension doesn’t wreak havoc on my health.

I have listened to a lot of folks and I know I am not the only one who wears many hats.  Most of us don upwards of 4 or more of our beloved chapeaus at the same time. We wear them juggling while at the same time attempting to keep those handful of precious bone china plates spinning at whirlwind speed, spindled a top very long pole from crashing to the ground.

 Picturing this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch as you yourself may be at this very moment engaged in this dance. As you open the past due bill notice, your heart pounds a bit faster as the all too familiar circus theme music continues to play. All this happens as you are talking on the phone, or better yet texting…perhaps kids grabbing at your legs…you can hear the ping of a work email coming through, just  as your hungry significant other enters and says, “want’s cookin sweetheart?”

7pm already? You forgot to shower? “Just didn’t have time you mutter to yourself.” Yawning you pour another cup of coffee and yearn for the promise of a hot cup of java from a café sipped slowly. Something not home brewed and gulped then forgotten and sipped again, stone cold for the 2nd time an hour later after your 3rd rewrite.

Well, maybe tomorrow things will be better. Uh, after I get the oil change, tires rotated and drop off the dry cleaning. Yeah tomorrow. Maybe I should make another list, because I can’t seem to find the one I made last week. Do lists work?

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you ever felt stuck? At a, cross roads in your life? Ready to make a change and make yourself a priority? Any of you know that there is a better way to do this thing we call life? Just need a roadmap, a guide a playbook to help you get to where you want to go. To make things easier? Because you know you can get there. You know life can be much more manageable and your goals attainable and heck yeah even FUN!

I know you want in and I am going to help you get there my friend. I have been where you are and have also helped others who have been where you are. I am confident that you can and will make this the time you dedicate to empowering you!

 Being aware of ourselves as whole people, including a sense of balance and contentment.  Is something we all strive for.  We all love the feeling when things are going well for us and we feel balanced, or certainly if we are experiencing stormy seas we like the assurance that in the future things can be well for us and can continue to go well for us tomorrow. It is the belief that we can have meaningful relationships and a sense of meaning and purpose. Although we may have setbacks, or experience stress, all is not lost and we can learn to tap into our own resilience and strength. I am fine tuning a User’s manual…A.K.A. Toolkit[SK1]  and Playbook with materials, resources, check list and much more. I have been using this myself and with hundreds of my clients over the last decade. I am super excited to create this rich with as much up to date information as possible. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t come to the experts. YOU!  As I said I created to use myself and with other life experts, my clients.  However, it has been a while since I have updated material. I am diving even deeper this time around to make this edition richer mire robust. It is to that end I need to enlist the help of you the user.

I NEED YOU! I am looking for 7 one on one private calls with me so that I can gain  your brilliant insight and feedback. These calls are approximately 20 minutes long and typically done via SKYPE. ( a phone call is fine if this is easier for you).

 As a thank you for your help. I will be drawing one name out of the 7 who will win the Course for FREE! Debuted January 24 2017. Another lucky winner will receive a One on one 50-minute Life and Transformation Coaching Call with me.  I would appreciate you sharing this with others you feel might enjoy providing me with their input and feedback.

If any of the below journey's resonate with you than we are excited you have found your way here. Welcome, I am so glad you have you with us.

  • Self-Improvement Journey

  • Practicing Self Care

  • Are you Ready to make a change in your life?

  • Are you feeling stuck?

  • Have you been Procrastinating?

  • Are you a people pleaser and put others first?

  • Had set backs and challenges

  • At a crossroads and ready to explore your options

  • Want to empower your Goals with a proven action plan

To offer your valuable insight and feedback please click the link below to scedule your one on one call and enter your chance to win the free course or a 50 min Coaching Call with Saya.



I Will NOT Let My STRESS Contol & Break Me

If you’ve been stressed for long periods of time, you know stress can wreak havoc on your health. But you may not know just how extensively stress affects your body.

In fact Stress is often called the silent Killer. Effecting the population at a breakneck pace, and women are at the top of the list. 

"Stress is the trash of modern day life. If we don't dispose of it properly it will overtake ourlives." - Nina Radcliff

After a series of great losses. --Tragically losing my brother -- Becoming a widow after 30 years of marriage.  -- Losing my home.  And then continuing my streak of ground hog, black cloud, and murphy’s law days rolled together & piled on top of each other --Having my major illness flare up, which led to a leave of absence and subsequent loss of my job. So dear lovelies, besides the heart-break and grief, I was left in the after math and wake of the 40ft waves which still left me off balance and without any sea legs! I’ve been stressed before, but nothing like that. It was the longest period with that amount of stress I’ve ever experienced.

Migraines were very frequent, occurring once or twice a week. I started to gain weight even though I ate very little, I began to  experience chest pain, had muscle tension (mostly in my neck), had sleep problems (which the PTSD also contributed to), and I got sick more often.

 I have worked many years in the behavioral health field and always knew the role stress played with our mental well-being. But I started to notice that some of my physical symptoms were tied to the stress I was experiencing. After doing some research and touching base with my Drs I found out just how much stress affects your body. This mind body correlation should have come as no surprise to me since I can tell you first hand I am a whole person from the neck down and vice versa!

And there are so many things that can cause stress in your life. Common areas of stress include:

  • ·       Finances
  • ·       Bills
  • ·       Problems in your marriage
  • ·       Declining health
  • ·       School/College
  • ·       Personal relationships
  • ·       Loss of friendship
  • ·       Grief
  • ·       Conflict with your boss
  • ·       Home repairs

We even have a whole host of life events, like getting engaged and married, or having a new child, landing that job which are huge game changers, but will make the stress meter spike!

 And the list goes on, am I right? Unfortunately, there are so many things that can cause stress these days.

Here are the most common things that happen when stress affects your body:


  • ·      Headache/Migraine
  • ·       Tense muscles
  • ·       Muscle pain
  • ·       Chest pain
  • ·       Diarrhea/Constipation
  • ·       Upset Stomach
  • ·       Fatigue
  • ·       Trouble falling and staying asleep
  • ·       Decreased sex drive
  • ·       Skin and hair problems

 The bad news is that left untreated chronic stress can KILL you. So while  chronic stress if not managed cause serious health issues up to and including death all is not lost.

The GOOD news is that it CAN be treated! You can learn to deal and overcome stressful situation and learn to manage stress instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.

I have put together some proven tried and ture resources that will help you dispose and discharge your stress.  These are proven techniques and is the same guide I myself have been using and offering to my clients who have seen great success for the past two dozen years. The guide gives you amazing resources you can put into action today, that will have a big impact on reducing your stress so that you can live a longer healthier life.

Now take a deep breath and imagine your life with less stress. Ahhh, feels good doesn't it? I know sure does! Utilizing these resources will put you on the path to the life you have imagined and dreamed about. Oh yeah...Date, or ladies nights, laughing and having fun just became real again! That job you've always wanted, yep guessed it, it's now within your reach becasue you have the energy and focus to go for it. Oh and did I mention you are sleeping better, and are waking up refreshed? These are just a few of the many venefits you will reap once we get you off the stress cliff.

Come back for future posts because there is a lot more to be shared on this important topic.

And as always I would love to hear how stress effects your life and any specific stress related questions. Please don't be shy here and leave a comments.

Hope, Recovery and Change

Recovery has long been an important idea in the mental health and wellness field, but we are fiding that this seems to be the latest trend in how we are learning to care for ourselves. 

I say there really isn't anything new when you think about it. Just rethinking and discovering that we have been wearing the Ruby slippers all along. How did we get so lost. Well my friends it is not hard to veer far from the path when we are called to multi task at break neck speed and wear so many hats while spinning a multitude of fine china on thin stilts assuring that none must drop or crash to the ground! Can we take a breath...Do we dare say we need a vacation from our vacations because by the time we get to were we are going we are still tethered our devices that keep us chained to what we left home to begin with. Feel like that hamster on the wheel? Yep? I was in the same place. So we need to Recovery from many things... To Recover is a word that is used to describe the many positive changes that can happen in peoples lives after the experience of prolonged anguish and hardship which may if we don't take care of ourselves become disabling. We can learn a lot from those of us living with a disability, yes, Regardless of what we are recovering from. Even mental Illness, addiction,physical injury,loss of a loved one or a job,isolation,victimization, etc.), we must come to the realization that while there may circumstances beyond our control (over which we are powerless), we DO have the power to define and manage our lives as we see fit and make them meaningful and satisfying through our own choices and efforts. The idea of recovery is a personal one, and the meaning of the word may vary between individuals, yet there are some key basic elements of recovery that provide insight into its universal applicability.

One central element of recovery is the concept of Hope and Change. Recovery is an action word and is about doing things differently and recognizing the consequences of certain choices and behaviors. In order for change to occur, we must recognize the magnitude of some of the challenges we face and have the courage to confront it. I encourage us to believe that you have the capacity to influence the course of our lives and future circumstances. It is in this belief that we develop hope and transform our lives.

As recovery is defined in the broad sense, it becomes a unifying concept that brings together people who are striving each day to reach their fullest potential, and live their lives as they design them. When you think of it we all engage int he recovery process at some point. With this understanding, we become part of a recovery community and develop  sense of belonging. Ultimately, recovery is a journey that manifest in a wide varsity of forms, but it is always by values that offer hope, autonomy, community and peace.

I would love to share with you real Recovery  Based Life Stories and definitions of real people and leaders in our community.Join our community TODAY to become a free VIP member The Top 5 ways to start Empowering your Thoughts!

Are you hopeful?

People feel hopeful to varying degrees. some of us are generally more "up and positive" and hopeful throughout life. It is a bit of a challenge to others of us, and we struggle to feel hopeful and must reach deep inside ourselves to try to find even a tiny flicker of hope.Some of us have to  gut it out and get started in our journey without any sense of hope. We start out, and over time, we begin to gain hope through direct experience, as we progress and positive changes happening in our lives.

Chances are, if you are having more good days than bad, we can begin to feel more hopeful. At others times, when nothing seems to be going right for us, hope is much harder to keep alive. Sometimes despair wins and pulls us down and we struggle to renew an attitude of hope. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through the day is the knowledge that others are holding out hope for us. I call these supportive people in our lives "Hope Holders".

Hope - Confident Expectation!

Some definitions of Hope suggest that hope is the feeling that what we wish for or want can be be had, that events will turn out well in our lives.It is an inner feeling or positive emotion that allows us to believe good things can happen for us in the future. To have hope means that we look forward to something with desire and have a reasonable expectation that our desires, and dreams can become real and fulfilled. 

Many times in the past many of us diagnosed with a psychiatric diagnosis were told straight out that there wasn't anything that we could possibly hope for, that we would reclaim a full or productive life. It is then no wonder so many of us fall into a state of hopelessness. If we hold no prospects that our life will change for the better, it's hard to get jazzed up about anything or have the energy to act on our own behalf.

Hope is absolutely a vital ingredient in enhancing our quality of life and our life satisfaction. Out degree of hope or hopelessness influences how we contend with the challenges we face. Hope has been found to have a positive influence on our health and general well-being, and can even have an effect on life itself. For example, research has shown a hopeful attitude plays a positive role in our life expectancy for older adults and increase survival rates among women with breast cancer. On the other hand, hopelessness carries with it many negative mental health and wellness effects. Many people agree that hope is one of the major supports for a successful journey.

How do you define hope and what role does hope play in your life?