Hope - Confident Expectation!

Some definitions of Hope suggest that hope is the feeling that what we wish for or want can be be had, that events will turn out well in our lives.It is an inner feeling or positive emotion that allows us to believe good things can happen for us in the future. To have hope means that we look forward to something with desire and have a reasonable expectation that our desires, and dreams can become real and fulfilled. 

Many times in the past many of us diagnosed with a psychiatric diagnosis were told straight out that there wasn't anything that we could possibly hope for, that we would reclaim a full or productive life. It is then no wonder so many of us fall into a state of hopelessness. If we hold no prospects that our life will change for the better, it's hard to get jazzed up about anything or have the energy to act on our own behalf.

Hope is absolutely a vital ingredient in enhancing our quality of life and our life satisfaction. Out degree of hope or hopelessness influences how we contend with the challenges we face. Hope has been found to have a positive influence on our health and general well-being, and can even have an effect on life itself. For example, research has shown a hopeful attitude plays a positive role in our life expectancy for older adults and increase survival rates among women with breast cancer. On the other hand, hopelessness carries with it many negative mental health and wellness effects. Many people agree that hope is one of the major supports for a successful journey.

How do you define hope and what role does hope play in your life?