Are you hopeful?

People feel hopeful to varying degrees. some of us are generally more "up and positive" and hopeful throughout life. It is a bit of a challenge to others of us, and we struggle to feel hopeful and must reach deep inside ourselves to try to find even a tiny flicker of hope.Some of us have to  gut it out and get started in our journey without any sense of hope. We start out, and over time, we begin to gain hope through direct experience, as we progress and positive changes happening in our lives.

Chances are, if you are having more good days than bad, we can begin to feel more hopeful. At others times, when nothing seems to be going right for us, hope is much harder to keep alive. Sometimes despair wins and pulls us down and we struggle to renew an attitude of hope. Sometimes the only thing that gets us through the day is the knowledge that others are holding out hope for us. I call these supportive people in our lives "Hope Holders".