Hope, Recovery and Change

Recovery has long been an important idea in the mental health and wellness field, but we are fiding that this seems to be the latest trend in how we are learning to care for ourselves. 

I say there really isn't anything new when you think about it. Just rethinking and discovering that we have been wearing the Ruby slippers all along. How did we get so lost. Well my friends it is not hard to veer far from the path when we are called to multi task at break neck speed and wear so many hats while spinning a multitude of fine china on thin stilts assuring that none must drop or crash to the ground! Can we take a breath...Do we dare say we need a vacation from our vacations because by the time we get to were we are going we are still tethered our devices that keep us chained to what we left home to begin with. Feel like that hamster on the wheel? Yep? I was in the same place. So we need to Recovery from many things... To Recover is a word that is used to describe the many positive changes that can happen in peoples lives after the experience of prolonged anguish and hardship which may if we don't take care of ourselves become disabling. We can learn a lot from those of us living with a disability, yes, Regardless of what we are recovering from. Even mental Illness, addiction,physical injury,loss of a loved one or a job,isolation,victimization, etc.), we must come to the realization that while there may circumstances beyond our control (over which we are powerless), we DO have the power to define and manage our lives as we see fit and make them meaningful and satisfying through our own choices and efforts. The idea of recovery is a personal one, and the meaning of the word may vary between individuals, yet there are some key basic elements of recovery that provide insight into its universal applicability.

One central element of recovery is the concept of Hope and Change. Recovery is an action word and is about doing things differently and recognizing the consequences of certain choices and behaviors. In order for change to occur, we must recognize the magnitude of some of the challenges we face and have the courage to confront it. I encourage us to believe that you have the capacity to influence the course of our lives and future circumstances. It is in this belief that we develop hope and transform our lives.

As recovery is defined in the broad sense, it becomes a unifying concept that brings together people who are striving each day to reach their fullest potential, and live their lives as they design them. When you think of it we all engage int he recovery process at some point. With this understanding, we become part of a recovery community and develop  sense of belonging. Ultimately, recovery is a journey that manifest in a wide varsity of forms, but it is always by values that offer hope, autonomy, community and peace.

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