Wellness Recovery-Why there is Hope for Everyone!

We are more than a diagnosis!

A diagnosis of Mental illness often leaves people feeling hopeless, alone, and frightened. But it doesn’t have to. With  mental health recovery you can live a full, happy and productive life with the right support. Wellness recovery, however, looks different to each person, and like life, Recovery is not linear. Nevertheless, there are a few clearly defined guidelines that point towards real transformation and empowerment for those living with mental health concerns.

Some common threads of mental health recovery, include the restoration of personal growth, self-awareness, self-acceptance, a renewal of purpose, independence, personal responsibility, and productivity. It’s important that those of us living with a mental health diagnosis recognize that there is hope for better days ahead, and that through a self-determination and a consistent action plan with a solid support circle, you can live your best life. 

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