Your Own Playbook - Manual + Help a Gal Out

Do you ever feel like your life has gone off the track? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How did I get here?  This isn’t everything I had in mind. What happened to my master plan, did I make one? “Have you ever said to yourself I wish I had the teacher’s manual? You know the book with all the answers.

Isn’t there a how to guide for navigating this thing we call life? I don’t recall my parents giving me an instruction manual but I sure know it would be helpful to have a playbook to follow and guide me along the way. In fact, I would be the first in line to purchase said playbook and accompanying toolkit so all I needed to do was follow along.

Life isn’t all peachy as cream and I don’t look like the people in the TV and magazine ads. Sometimes it is messy, and it is hard work for sure. And if you are like me I am at times my biggest obstacle, loudest critic and often get in my own way. Sound familiar? And I want more of the fleeting magnificent moments. I yearn for more focus and clarity. I daydream of those bygone goals. Is a goodnight sleep just a myth? Ahh to live a life with no limits. A bliss filled ease. To be able to care for my soul so the tension doesn’t wreak havoc on my health.

I have listened to a lot of folks and I know I am not the only one who wears many hats.  Most of us don upwards of 4 or more of our beloved chapeaus at the same time. We wear them juggling while at the same time attempting to keep those handful of precious bone china plates spinning at whirlwind speed, spindled a top very long pole from crashing to the ground.

 Picturing this shouldn’t be too much of a stretch as you yourself may be at this very moment engaged in this dance. As you open the past due bill notice, your heart pounds a bit faster as the all too familiar circus theme music continues to play. All this happens as you are talking on the phone, or better yet texting…perhaps kids grabbing at your legs…you can hear the ping of a work email coming through, just  as your hungry significant other enters and says, “want’s cookin sweetheart?”

7pm already? You forgot to shower? “Just didn’t have time you mutter to yourself.” Yawning you pour another cup of coffee and yearn for the promise of a hot cup of java from a café sipped slowly. Something not home brewed and gulped then forgotten and sipped again, stone cold for the 2nd time an hour later after your 3rd rewrite.

Well, maybe tomorrow things will be better. Uh, after I get the oil change, tires rotated and drop off the dry cleaning. Yeah tomorrow. Maybe I should make another list, because I can’t seem to find the one I made last week. Do lists work?

Does any of this sound familiar? Have you ever felt stuck? At a, cross roads in your life? Ready to make a change and make yourself a priority? Any of you know that there is a better way to do this thing we call life? Just need a roadmap, a guide a playbook to help you get to where you want to go. To make things easier? Because you know you can get there. You know life can be much more manageable and your goals attainable and heck yeah even FUN!

I know you want in and I am going to help you get there my friend. I have been where you are and have also helped others who have been where you are. I am confident that you can and will make this the time you dedicate to empowering you!

 Being aware of ourselves as whole people, including a sense of balance and contentment.  Is something we all strive for.  We all love the feeling when things are going well for us and we feel balanced, or certainly if we are experiencing stormy seas we like the assurance that in the future things can be well for us and can continue to go well for us tomorrow. It is the belief that we can have meaningful relationships and a sense of meaning and purpose. Although we may have setbacks, or experience stress, all is not lost and we can learn to tap into our own resilience and strength. I am fine tuning a User’s manual…A.K.A. Toolkit[SK1]  and Playbook with materials, resources, check list and much more. I have been using this myself and with hundreds of my clients over the last decade. I am super excited to create this rich with as much up to date information as possible. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t come to the experts. YOU!  As I said I created to use myself and with other life experts, my clients.  However, it has been a while since I have updated material. I am diving even deeper this time around to make this edition richer mire robust. It is to that end I need to enlist the help of you the user.

I NEED YOU! I am looking for 7 one on one private calls with me so that I can gain  your brilliant insight and feedback. These calls are approximately 20 minutes long and typically done via SKYPE. ( a phone call is fine if this is easier for you).

 As a thank you for your help. I will be drawing one name out of the 7 who will win the Course for FREE! Debuted January 24 2017. Another lucky winner will receive a One on one 50-minute Life and Transformation Coaching Call with me.  I would appreciate you sharing this with others you feel might enjoy providing me with their input and feedback.

If any of the below journey's resonate with you than we are excited you have found your way here. Welcome, I am so glad you have you with us.

  • Self-Improvement Journey

  • Practicing Self Care

  • Are you Ready to make a change in your life?

  • Are you feeling stuck?

  • Have you been Procrastinating?

  • Are you a people pleaser and put others first?

  • Had set backs and challenges

  • At a crossroads and ready to explore your options

  • Want to empower your Goals with a proven action plan

To offer your valuable insight and feedback please click the link below to scedule your one on one call and enter your chance to win the free course or a 50 min Coaching Call with Saya.