Words of Wisdom

This is my transformation year, both personally and in my business.

I am coming off my sabbatical where I spent over 26 years working in the mental health and wellness field.

 My friends, I have always wanted to start my own business and have often been told by friend’s colleagues and many a client that I would be a natural to go out on my own. Hang out your own shingle. Set up my own shop where I could attract a larger audience. I’ve heard numerous times, from any number of camps. “You know Saya, you really should start a community, build a movement” …that’s where I look at them smiled and politely said, “ahh come on”, and in my head, think to myself goodness they really are being way to kind. But then I got to thinking while I was off last year. One of the gifts of not having a paying gig and time clock was the freedom for reflection. That and I was amazed people still reached out to me during this time. And I would still usually here the same. “have you given anymore thought to building this community?

That’s when it hit me, maybe they were being polite but also were telling me the truth. What if they saw a need and felt they had the person who might be able to fill the void? Or at the very least get it going.

That’s when I decided I would meld two of my passions.  My work in the 2+ decades of mental health and my life and transformation coaching. Hmmm. And Maybe I would start treating myself like an important VIP. You know like one of my own clients or a member I hoped would join the Creative Living and Wellness Membership Circle. WOW, now that was groundbreaking for me.

So, for 2017 My Transformation year:  Each day, Each week, Each month, I choose to - - -

“To Do Something My Future Self Will Thank Me For”.

What are your personal or business mottos?