Craft Together Event - Pittsburgh 09-08-18

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Happy Mother's Day, Mom! (1).png

Craft Together Event - Pittsburgh 09-08-18


Handmade Creativity Makes You Healthier & Happier

There’s no doubt, electronic devices have made human communication faster, brought a mind-boggling amount of information to our fingertips, and have made getting directions a whole lot easier than ‘turn right where the old mill used to be...'.  While this increased access is amazing and convenient, it might also be leading us away from an important human activity: handmade creation.

Our Modern Lifestyle Can Increase Anxiety and Depression

Crafting is a Natural Antidepressant

“Crafting: it’s cheaper than therapy.”  Most any crafter will nod emphatically in agreement...even after restocking their paper and glitter stash.  Crafting can actually function as a natural antidepressant.

·       Too much screen time is unhealthy

·       Our modern lifestyle can increase anxiety and depression

·       Crafting gets you into a Flow state

·       Crafting makes you more relaxed and Less Stressed

·       Handmade self-expression can improve your health

·       Using your health makes you smarter

·       A handmade life is a Meaningful Life

·       Crafting Connects us to Family and Friends

·       Crafting is Generous and Selfless


"Creating something with your hands fosters pride and satisfaction, but also provides psychological benefits. When you make something, you feel productive, but the engagement and exploration involved in the doing can move your mind and elevate your mood."

The act of performing a craft is incompatible with worry, anger, obsession, and anxiety. Crafts make you focus on the here and now and distract you from everyday pressures and problems. They're stress-busters..."

Not only is handmade self-expression valuable, it's also necessary. In my research and survey, I didn’t find any information suggesting that perfect or complicated crafting was required.  On the contrary, whether it’s finger painting, sewing, jewelrymaking, woodworking, or paper crafting, joy comes in the process of learning, discovery, failure, and success.  The opportunity to design and create with friends and family, a skill you love, or just to work in peaceful solitude, will be better for your relationships, your health, and your happiness.  It's time to turn off the TV, put down your phone, step away from the computer and create.

  • Make and Take facilitated project: We will be facilitating an altered clipboard craft

  • Materials for your to creatively create as your inspiration and flow calls to you

  • Feel free to bring along any projects you are currently working on or have had tucked away waiting to be completed.

All materials are provided.

Light refreshments will be served.

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