VIIA Academy


VIIA Academy

147.00 442.00

VIIAA VIsion Inspiration Intention Action Academy

You get the VIIA Workbook & Guide FREE; (97.00 value) when purchasing the Academy.

The Academy itself is an interactive 3 hour live course for those who are committed and ready to manifest their dreams and hopes. This course is for you if you are ready to go from the stress and overwhelm of not enough time to do the things you want to do… or having the financial stability you need to rest easy each night - - to getting stuff done, with time left for what you value, and money in the bank for a date on Saturday night, or that vacation you have been dreaming of… and money left over to spoil your special someones!

Private FB group and 3 month long Academy Circle which includes weekly 1 hour check in calls, texting, and email support. (325.00 value)

Total Value $422.00

Online Beta Special - 147.00 limited to 12 Inspired Individuals ready embrace a life full of abundance as you create a life and business on your own terms!

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